Patty Bouvier

Patricia "Patty" Bouvier is the younger of Marge's cynical chain-smoking sisters, who works at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and has a strong dislike for Homer. Patty is a lesbian.

Despite the similarities between her and her sister Selma, Patty has been shown to be more jaded than her sister particularly towards relationships. It was once said by Marge that Patty chose a life of celibacy, and that Selma had it thrust upon her. Her decision to not have relationships has been implied to be due to her then closeted sexuality. She is more vicious to Homer than Selma is, and unlike Selma (who experiences brief moments of kindness to Homer) has no pity for Homer's well-being. The only exceptions however, are when Patty came out of the closet as a lesbian she managed to suck up her pride and ask Homer (who was legally allowed to perform marriages) to perform the ceremony and when they were both disgusted that Selma got into a relationship with Homer's father Abe and they decide to work together to break them up.


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Life on the Fast Lane9