The Call of the Simpsons

The Call Of The Simpsons is the 7th episode of Season 1. It aired on February 18, 1990. The episode was written by John Swartzwelder and directed by Wes Archer.


Bart is annoyed both at having to mow the law with a muscle-powered mower and the material wealth of the Flanders', particularly when he sees Rod Flanders on a rider mower. Homer tells Bart it is not the Simpsons' job to keep up with the Flanders', until he see neighbor Ned Flanders' expensive new mobile home. Now jealous too, Homer goes to Bob's RV Round-Up to buy one of his own. However, Homer's credit score is poor, and he only qualifies for a dilapidated one, which is the least expensive one on Bob's car lot. Thrilled with the new Campervan, Homer takes his family on an excursion. Driving on remote back roads, he loses control of the camper and comes to a halt on the edge of a cliff. The family abandons the vehicle just before it plummets into an abyss.

Stranded in the wilderness, Homer and Bart set out for civilization, unaware that baby Maggie is tagging along. Separated from Homer and Bart, Maggie is soon adopted by a family of bears. Homer and Bart lose their clothes in a fast-moving river and use plants and mud to cover themselves. A nature photographer, mistaking Homer for Bigfoot, videos some badly shot footage and flees. Soon the forest is inundated with Bigfoot hunters and souvenir stands. Reporters find Marge and warn her about the hideous creature roaming the woods. When she sees the picture of Homer, Marge identifies the grotesque monster as her husband.